Sunday, January 2, 2011

A year in costumes.... Corpse Bride

My daughter is a bit different than my son. He knows right off the bat what he would like to be for Halloween, no mind changes, she changes her mind 83 different times before she decides what she wants to dress as. The discussions start on November 1st, the day after Halloween.
Last year, she wanted to be;
a fairy, Lady Gaga, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Alice from Alice in Wonderland with the Red Dress, a punk fairy, Belle, Little Mermaid, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, etc, etc, etc.
Well, this year (last year), she finally decided to be the Corpse Bride from Tim Burton's "the Corpse Bride".

So I began with the bustier. Simplicity has a good basic one that you can dress up. Pattern #5006. I picked a basic white rayon and a cut of lace to applique.

After I had made the bustier, I cut a hole in the side by her ribs and placed a piece of fabric that I had painted to look like ribs under the hole.

I made the skirt out of a white satin polyester, added a train, opened the front and cut the hem jagged.

The veil is of cheesecloth and ribbon flowers.

I air brushed the edges of the dress, bustier and veil with blues, grays an black fabric paint to give it an aged, rotted, corpsey feel.

I bought black sparkley roses, Christmas silvery foliage and ribbons with blue sparkley swirls from Michael's for the bouquet.

We bought the wig off eBay.

                                                      Isn't she a beautiful walking dead?

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Nice work, very creative!