Rapunzel Purple Tangled Dress Disney Style!

I saw this movie for my daughters birthday in December. I fell in love with it! Beautiful animation, clever script, hilarious!

The first thing to do is to pick apart the dress... I have downloaded some images and done some marking.

Here is the fabric I got for the dress. Ummm, I think the light purple is toooo light purple.

I'm thinking this is the pattern I am going to use (with modification though).

Womens Costume Sewing Pattern 2757 Simplicity

I sketched out the embroidery for the front and hem of the dress.

I will be working on the embroidery tonight. Hopefully I will have it posted by tomorrow.
This is the first part of the embroidery. :D

Here is the first part of the bodice!
 I use gigantic washers to hold down my patterns instead of pins. You can get them at Home Depot!

Here is the bodice before it being fitted.

This is the embroidery sample (I know, I know, not the right color, I just wanted to make sure I got it right).

So The pattern I chose for the skirt is a modified version of the Simplicity 9966. I use the two side panels and the back piece in this purple fabric (I will be using a different fabric for the front panel).

I have sewn the sides and the back together and set up the hooping for the embroidery. I am using the sample embroidery to ensure proper placement.

Nice! Huh?!

Here is the final embroidery for the first side of the dress.

Almost done with the embroidery, just have to do the hem. 

Here are the sleeves. I purchased lilac colored "dupioni" and satin pink ribbon. I pinned the ribbon two inches apart and sewed them on with pink thread. 
I will gather them and put elastic around the arm. 

I designed the embroidery for the sleeve today.

Sew... I will be sewing today. Lesssee how it turns out.

Here is the completed skirt embroidery. Yay! Done!

The embroidery for the upper sheer sleeve. 

Here is the finished top!

I will be posting a full picture of the costume in a few days!

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