Saturday, January 8, 2011

Next Project.... Padme Amidala Light Blue Tatooine Costume - supplies

I Love this outfit! I wish I had the abs to pull it off. ;)
Supplies - I bought fabric for this dress about six months ago. It is an ice blue jersey knit. Soooo soft. I got about 8 yards. Extra for room for error... which seems to happen ALoT with me. An additional light weight cotton matching fabric to line the cape.
Original skirt and beads close up
Flat beads from Those were super hard to find. If they weren't the right size, the weren't the right color. I finally found them (ahhhhhhhh!!! <---- angels singing). I also bought black seed beads from Michael's to space them.
My beads strung with lame thread... Pretty close, huh?

Next, fabric paint for the cape. The outfit has a really cool either, embossed or silk screened design on the cape.
Last but not least (and probably not last) I purchased silver colored Sculpy for the head dress. I will let you know how this works.

 This is the best website in the world for Star Wars costuming information... This is the link for the Light Blue Tatooine Outfit.

PS. If you talk to my husband... tell him I want "Dressing a Galaxy" for my birthday. Thanks! Lol.

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Ley Firewalker said...

This looks like it'll be amazing! Can't wait to see it finished. =)

-Leia <3

Danica Moon said...

what sort of pattern did you use?
~Aalya Rain~

RUBY (squishby) said...

is this costume for sale? please contact me on