Purchase a costume commission - PRICES

Padme Black Fireside Gown - $600 plus shipping

Padme Pastel Rainbow Lake Gown - $400 Plus shipping

Padme Steel Blue Nightgown - $400 Plus shipping

Princess Leia Ewok Village Dress - $165 plus shipping

Padme "Cut Family Scene" Gown - $400 Plus shipping

Princess Buttercup - Princess Bride Riding Outfit - $225 Plus shipping

Anna Winter Outfit from Frozen Full Outfit (skirt, shirt, bodice, cloak, hat and gloves) - $600 plus shipping
Anna Winter outfit - no cloak, hat or gloves - $450 plus shipping

If you are interested in any of these costumes or a different commission, please email me at CouturebyKris@Gmail.com
Also, before I accept a commission from you please read this page... 

Disclaimer- All creations are my interpretation of movie costumes, no copyright infringement is intended. 

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