Friday, December 31, 2010

A year in costumes.... continued - Padme's Sleeveless Mustafar Battle Uniform

Natalie Portman Episode III
In Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith - The awesome and beautiful Padme is preggers. Her wardrobe is just as stunning as when she is not with child.

I was commissioned to make an interpretation of the battle outfit Padme wore on Mustafar.
It is a sleeveless, tan, collared garment, possibly suede or suede cloth. It has leather belts that crisscross across the bust with a brooch and a buckle. The top is flared somewhat, fitted lighter pants, and high riding boots. She also is wearing gauntlets.
My interpretation of the Mustafar Sleeveless

 I used a faun colored faux suede for the top. It has a high collar, high waist and double princess seams on the bust. The pant is actually a pair of cotton stretch pants I ordered from Dharma Trading Company, then dyed off white.
Naboo symbol on the wrong arm :P

I am BLESSED to own a AWESOME embroidery machine (which I had to sell body parts to get, j/k). So I was able to re-create the Naboo Symbol on her gauntlets. I put them on both then read after wards, it was only on one, the left one to be exact.

Brooch and Buckle
The brooch and the buckle were a little challenging and it was my first experience with the marvelous product - SCULPEY! I bought shimmery white colored Sculpey, cut and carved the brooch and buckle. Baked it, once it cooled, I used a brassy bronzey colored acrylic paint and hand painted it. Once it was dry, I was able to weave the buckle on to the faux leather straps I made and hot glued a pin on the back of the brooch. 

Once again, It you are interested in this costume, please contact me regarding a commission. If you are interested in making and and have questions, I would be happy to help you! Just drop me a message. Thanks!

A year in costumes.... Princess Bride and Princess Jehnna, lots of princesses!

So this year has been a busy one. Most of the costumes I have made have been the Padme Amidala Pastel Lake Gown, which is fun mind you, buuuutt, I have had some awesome customers that have great sense of imagination.
Princess Buttercup
First off... I have NO idea why this stupid picture keeps loading on its side. So, my apologies. Back to business, One wonderful customer I have asked for Princess Buttercup Riding Habit from the Movie "the Princess Bride" (one of my Favs!). Such a fun dress to do. It was made from a tomato red rayon fabric that was a fabulous drape. I "crammed" the fabric on the cuffs (that is an actual technique, lol). and used grommet tape for the cuffs and the back of the dress laced with matching cord and metal tips. The neck line was "boned" to stand out because she requested it to have a deeper plunge than the movie dress. She wore this dress to Dragon*Con Atlanta 2010.
cuff for Buttercup riding habit
Buttercup Back
Once again not sure why the picture is on its side... :-/

As for the belt, I got a 2" wide brocade trim from a dress making store here in the beautiful Bay Area. ;D East San Jose to be exact. It was worth the jaunt. 

The second costume she commissioned me for was a bit more obscure. It was from the movie "Conan the Destroyer"! Netflix on Demand came in handy with this one, Try looking online for images for "Princess Jehnna" you will come up with two.

This one ----->
Conan the Destroyer
and this one ----->

Not too much help. Sooooo, I watched the end of Conan 400 times at least... Let me sum it up for you; virgin princess - sacrifice - crazy bad lady - lots of wind - scary gooey looking monster - sorcerer - blood - and Arnold and Grace Jones to the rescue!

I have got to tell you, this was a super fun dress to make. I found BEAUTIFUL irridecent blue polyester sheer fabric and sheer black fabric. I washed it in hot water, put it into the dryer on hot, pulled it right out, twisted it into ropes and let it cool. I got a great crinkled effect. For the white fabric I bought Ink Jet Silk Habotai by Jacquard. The sheets were a perfect size. My customer and I looked for "Ruins" type fonts on line and I placed random fonts using true type and Word. Printed it out and Voila! Instant instructions for virgin sacrifice. I hand stitched black cord around the silk and found great ornate beads at Michael's attached them to the cords. The dress has a leather type belt that is kind of like a corset. I made that out of pleather, boning, grommets and cording.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Padme Amidala Rainbow Lake Gown

This dress is modeled after Padme Amidala's Pastel Lake Gown in Episode II - Attack of the Clones. 
Padme Amidala Rainbow Lake Gown Promo Picture

This dress is made from hand dyed ombre fabric. Yellow, pink, lilac, and light blue. It is a halter style dress with a plunging back. The sheer overlay is also hand dyed and edged with a satin type blanket binding. Front and back has a mother of pearl type shell decoration with satin ribbon gathering. 

I hand make the necklace and arm bands from a form of plastic called styrene. It is cut, shaped, painted and edged. The painting is a faux style that looks like mother of pearl.

I will post pictures of the head bands soon. They are dyed purple with small seed beads hand sewn on.

A disclaimer; because this dress is hand dyed, there can be small imperfections due to the dye on the dress or sheer. I try to avoid this at all costs! ;)

This dress takes 6 - 8 weeks to custom sew.

If you are making this dress and have any questions, comments or need assistance, please email me and I would be happy to help!

Costume Comissions

If you are interested in having a costume commissioned, please contact me. I would be happy to speak to you about it. Thanks!