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Friday, January 13, 2012

What an HONOR!

My daughter and I received and email from LucasFilms asking us to be on their contact list for costume appearances for the release of Star Wars Episode I 3 D release this February! Yay! How exciting!

I will be making the Black Invasion/Decoy/escape gown for my daughter for this honor. ;)

After Many Hurdles! Flame Handmaiden is finished. :D

After, moving, emergency room visit with my daughter, Christmas, emergency room visit for me (a rogue X-acto knife accident), Major car accident ANNNDD family sickness... Flame Handmaiden is DONE!

Here are the pictures of her...

I drafted a custom pattern for the hood, inner hood and sleeves. The sleeves are lined with satin lining. I hand piece Ombre dyed the costume three colors. The sleeves and inner hood are of synthetic red fabric with a very nice drape. I hand dyed and hand stitched the red lace on the inner sleeves.

Because the outfit is made of a semi-high pile of velvet, I hand stitched the seams around the outer hood.

The outfit is layered. The under layer is the dress with sleeves attached, then the inner hood, the outer hood which is actually kind of a smock that goes over the dress, then finally the red sash. The sash I applied Velcro to adjust the width then the end is tucked in to give a drape look.