Thursday, January 17, 2013

Padme's Gown from the Cut Family Scene in Attack of the Clones

I had a request for the outfit Padme wears when visiting her family when she goes to Tattoine in Star Wars Episode II. The scene was unfortunately cut.

The fabric is hand dyed. I purchased trocus shells and hand dyed them as well. They are adhered to ribbon and hand stitched to the fabric. The brooch is fashioned from sculpy clay, painted and buffed with silver Rub n Buff. The head piece is made from Wonderflex and sculpy clay. I hand painted it as well and used silver Rub n Buff.

draping/pattern making- 4 hours
cutting and sewing - 4 hours
dyeing - 4 hours
brooch and head band - 6 hours
dyeing, gluing and sewing shells - 6 hours
finishing touches (buttons, tacking and hemming) - 5 hours
about 29 hours excluding time collecting fabrics and notions

Muslin Fabric - $2 yard x 5 yards = $10
Fabric - $15 yard x 5 yards = $75
Dye - $4
Trocus Shells - $20
Buttons - $12
Wonderflex - $20
Sculpy - $2 X 4 = $8
Paint - $2 x 2 = $4
Rub n Buff - $5
About $158 excluding shipping costs, thread etc.

I will be making this pattern available in the coming months. If you are interested, please let me know.

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River Psalm said...

It looks great! I wouldn't be interested in a pattern for this costume, but I might would be for something else.