Saturday, September 8, 2012

Its been so long...

I did finish the Steel Blue Night Gown from Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith

 I found a beautiful lavender/blue/steel color medium weight fabric
 Perfect silver "pearls" for the "sleeves"

 Waterfall draping in the back with pearl clip weights
 Heirloom stitching down the seams of the dress
Hand crafted brooch and Jappor Snippett with sculpy clay

I hand drape and draft the pattern.
The cutting, sewing (heirloom stitching) and draping of the dress takes about 8 hours total.
Beading of the sleeves - 3 hours
Jappor snippet; sculpt, bake, polish, paint - 4 hours
Brooch; sculpt, bake, polish, paint - 5 hours
Headband; sculpt, bake, polish, pain - 4 hours

The dress is done in a total of about 6 weeks (ordering supplies, construction, etc.)

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Elf said...

It looks great! I'm planning on making this one soon. And then I think I'll do the Meadow picnic dress.