Friday, February 25, 2011

Tangled Skirt Embroidery

I am finished with the Tangled Skirt Embroidery! Yay!

I also picked the fabrics for Flynn on Flynn's page... Take a gander ;)


Montara said...

How can you do embroidery like that? I'm working on my Alice in Wonderland dress from the Tim Burton film and I have no idea how to get the pattern on the bottom.
The Rapunzel dress is gorgeous!

Costumes_Couture_by_Kris said...

Hi! I am blessed with an embroidery machine and I have the software to do my own designs. I have thought about doing that dress. I lovvvveee Tim Burton and I had done the Mad Hatter for my son. :D

Bajachic220 said...

Do you have that embroidery in pes I could buy from u ?