Friday, December 31, 2010

A year in costumes.... continued - Padme's Sleeveless Mustafar Battle Uniform

Natalie Portman Episode III
In Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith - The awesome and beautiful Padme is preggers. Her wardrobe is just as stunning as when she is not with child.

I was commissioned to make an interpretation of the battle outfit Padme wore on Mustafar.
It is a sleeveless, tan, collared garment, possibly suede or suede cloth. It has leather belts that crisscross across the bust with a brooch and a buckle. The top is flared somewhat, fitted lighter pants, and high riding boots. She also is wearing gauntlets.
My interpretation of the Mustafar Sleeveless

 I used a faun colored faux suede for the top. It has a high collar, high waist and double princess seams on the bust. The pant is actually a pair of cotton stretch pants I ordered from Dharma Trading Company, then dyed off white.
Naboo symbol on the wrong arm :P

I am BLESSED to own a AWESOME embroidery machine (which I had to sell body parts to get, j/k). So I was able to re-create the Naboo Symbol on her gauntlets. I put them on both then read after wards, it was only on one, the left one to be exact.

Brooch and Buckle
The brooch and the buckle were a little challenging and it was my first experience with the marvelous product - SCULPEY! I bought shimmery white colored Sculpey, cut and carved the brooch and buckle. Baked it, once it cooled, I used a brassy bronzey colored acrylic paint and hand painted it. Once it was dry, I was able to weave the buckle on to the faux leather straps I made and hot glued a pin on the back of the brooch. 

Once again, It you are interested in this costume, please contact me regarding a commission. If you are interested in making and and have questions, I would be happy to help you! Just drop me a message. Thanks!


Danica Moon said...

how did u make it?

Costumes_Couture_by_Kris said...

In a nut shell. I have a pattern maker that can draft patterns for you. I drafted a pattern with princess and arm scythe seams. Used a fabric from Joann's that is called faux suede the color was "corn stalk'. I have to "drape" the collar because I couldn't find any collar that is similar. and used sculpy to fashion the brooch and buckle. I will be posting more on my other blog in time about step by step.

Danica Moon said...

how do you get a pattern maker?

Costumes_Couture_by_Kris said...

His and Hernandez said...

I really want to be this for halloween... My kids are gonna be Leia and an ewok. I would LOVE to sew it myself, but not sure how to do a collar... how much is the actual outfit, and how much would the pattern cost??

Unknown said...

That is amazing!!! I would LOVE the top with straps and brotches and gloves. Do you still make them? And if so how much would it be?

Unknown said...

Not sure if anyone still reads this, but I have been searching everywhere for the brooch and pin, for this outfit for my wife, we are doing a star wars themed baby shower and we thought this outfit would be great. I'm no artist, but I would like to know where I can buy this brooch and pin for this outfit so one of my friends can make this outfit for my wife, all help would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...